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Taking Decent Work on Board

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When the ILO adopted the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) in February 2006, Director-General Juan Somavia called it "making labour history" for seafarers around the world.The MLC, 2006, will come into force 12 mo...

Filipino domestic workers get labour rights recognition

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By ratifying ILO Convention 189, the Philippines become the second country to officially extend basic labour rights to domestic workers. Once excluded from labour laws, thousands of domestic workers will now enjoy the...

New skills for new jobs

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With high unemployment, workers are increasingly finding themselves looking for work in new occupations where they lack the skills employers are looking for. This skills mismatch means unemployed people are taking lo...

Carton rouge au travail des enfants – OIT ASP

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Dans de nombreuses disciplines sportives, mais plus particulièrement dans le football, le carton rouge sanctionne les fautes passibles dexclusion du terrain. L'Organisation internationale du Travail (OIT) et le Progra...

La fin du travail des enfants: l’objectif de 2016

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Même si des progrès substantiels ont été accomplis en matière de réduction du travail des enfants, il faut absolument accentuer les efforts pour honorer l'engagement pris d'aboutir à un monde débarrassé des pires form...

Eradicate Child Labour with Social Dialogue

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Today, all around the world, employers and trade unions are working together with governments to eradicate the worst forms of child labour, and to get child labourers out of work and into school. And they are finding ...

Ending Child Labour by 2016: the Continuing Challenge

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There has been progress in the effort to eliminate the worst forms of child labour worldwide. As a result of international commitments and the ILO convention to eradicate the worst forms of child labour, tens of milli...