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New skills for new jobs

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With high unemployment, workers are increasingly finding themselves looking for work in new occupations where they lack the skills employers are looking for. This skills mismatch means unemployed people are taking lo...

Global employment trends for youth 2013 – A generation at risk

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An estimated 73.4 million young people - 12.6 per cent -- are expected to be out of work in 2013, and the picture is only set to get worse say Sara Elder and Theo Sparreboom, authors of the Global Employment Trends fo...

Policies for youth employment: A global framework to tackle the youth jobs crisis

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(CC - Sous-titres français - subtítulos en español) The current jobs crisis has hit young people especially hard. The ILO urges policy makers to work together with social partners to address this alarming situation...

6 Steps to a job-friendly recovery

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[Subtítulos en español - Sous-titres français - Closed Captions available] Globally, investment as a share of GDP is close to 1 percentage point below the pre-crisis level. Yet emerging economies accounted for 47 per...

Youth are not alright – Los jóvenes no están bien – Ça ne va pas chez les jeunes

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Video highlights on youth employment issues: unemployment, migration and working poor. According to the ILO, there are 75 million unemployed young people that live in the world and many are forced to leave their cou...

Making the move from school to work in Malawi and Zambia

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CC -- Sous-titres français - subtitulado en español The global jobs crisis is taking a heavy toll on young people in the advanced economies of Europe where 1 in five are out of work, but in the developing world the si...

Sweden tackles youth unemployment through jobs guarantees

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(CC - Sous-titres francais - subtítulado en español) It's not easy being a young jobseeker today. With nearly 74 million young people worldwide unemployed, youth guarantees programmes help keep youth connected to the ...

Denmark – Matching skills to jobs

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(CC - Sous-titres français - Subtítulos en español) Recovery in Europe is being hampered by the fact that many of the workers who lost their jobs to the crisis do not have the skills that the labour market now deman...