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Together, we can beat the climate crisis

Photo of green city balconies. Credit/ Motion Array
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Within our grasp video series

Imagine it’s the near future. You leave your home and the air is clean and fresh, because we’ve cut air pollution and restored our forests. Oceans are healthy again, teeming with life, and soils are bursting with fertility. Once outside your house, you take a car, train or bus that’s clean and electric. It takes you wherever you want to go.

This is the world we can create together, guided by the Paris Climate Agreement. 

How the Paris Agreement will help tackle the climate crisis

Aidan Gallagher, actor, singer-musician and Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environment Programme, explains how the Paris Climate Agreement is our roadmap to creating a world of clean air and clean energy, with vibrant forests and oceans. Collective action to limit global temperature rises has never been more urgent. This is the first in the ‘Within our grasp’ series of explainers. 

Green Cities: Paris Climate Agreement

We have the power and know-how to transform our cities into green spaces, with clean transport and energy efficient buildings. UN Environment Programme Young Champion of the Earth Nzambi Matee explains how this can be done, guided by the Paris Climate Agreement. Nzambi is an engineer who has created her own company in Nairobi, Kenya, converting waste into plastic bricks. The future for our cities can be both bright and green.

A planet powered by green energy – Paris Climate Agreement Explainer

We need energy every day of our lives, but our planet is becoming hotter because most of our electricity still comes from fossil fuels. But we don’t have to choose between using energy and protecting the planet. UN Environment Young Champion of the Earth Nzambi Matee shows how we can build a world where every job is based on clean and renewable energy. Our roadmap to this future is the Paris Climate Agreement.

Indian environmentalist explains how we can build a resilient world: Paris Climate Agreement

The world’s climate crisis means we are seeing more intense storms, rising sea levels, increased drought, and more human suffering. But leading Indian environmentalist Sunita Narain says we don’t have to accept this. We know how to make our villages, farms, cities, streets and homes safer. We must act, as a matter of justice. 

Industry and a livable planet: Paris Climate Agreement

Here’s our dilemma: we need industry to make the things we need, like cars, buses, tractors and computers. But we also need a clean, livable planet. Leading Indian environmentalist Sunita Narain says we can have both, by using the right sources of energy and cutting back on waste. 

Forests, Food and Farming: how to beat the climate crisis

Imagine a world where food production makes us healthier without making the climate crisis worse. Forests have been restored and human habitations are filled with plants and trees. Paloma Costa, a member of the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group, argues we can achieve this if we make the right choices and follow the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Two more videos will be released in the Within our grasp series