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A disability activist shows leadership on inclusion at EXPO 2020 and beyond

Fatma Al Jassim credits the forward-looking approach of the United Arab Emirates and in particular its leadership for inclusive conditions for persons with disabilities in the country, where they are known as persons ...


A planet powered by green energy – Paris Climate Agreement Explainer

We need energy every day of our lives, but our planet is becoming hotter because most of our electricity still comes from fossil fuels. But we don’t have to choose between using energy and protecting the planet. UN En...


Green Cities: Paris Climate Agreement

We have the power and know-how to transform our cities into green spaces, with clean transport and energy efficient buildings. UN Environment Programme Young Champion of the Earth Nzambi Matee explains how this can be...


How women defy the conflict in Mali

The second in a series of videos on women leaders around the world, this feature takes place in Mali. Despite the dangers in areas such as Mopti and Gao, there are also encouraging signs of progress thanks to individu...


Portugal and the transatlantic slave trade from Africa to Europe

The experience of enslaved people from Africa has left an indelible mark on the history and culture of Portugal including Fado music. Starting in the 15th Century, Portugal helped drive the transatlantic slave trade f...


Nepal: Returned Migrant Worker Starts a New Life

Basanti Tamang left her home in Nepal to work as a housemaid in Lebanon. When she returned home, she found that the earnings she sent home had all been spent, and faced negative attitudes from her family and community...


Peru & The Andes: Living on the Climate Change Frontlines

The Andes, which runs through seven countries in Latin America, plays a crucial part in providing water to over 95 million people. In Peru, communities question what the future will be like, as glaciers diminish with ...