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Ukraine: UN Humanitarian Chief Decries ‘Crime Scene,’ Urges Ceasefire

On 7 April 2022, United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator and Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths visited Bucha and Irpin outside Kyiv, Ukraine. He described the visit as horrifying, s...


International Day of Mine Awareness: Zeina’s mission to save lives in Lebanon

The International Day of Mine Awareness, marked on 4 April, reminds nations to rid the world of landmines and unexploded devices that threaten innocent civilians long after the guns have fallen silent. Women and me...


11 years of war in Syria – can it ever end? | United Nations

11 years after the violent suppression of peaceful, popular demonstrations, Syria is still mired in war. More than 14 million civilians need humanitarian assistance; and more than 12 million re displaced, including ov...


Thank you Canada: UN Peacekeeping Service and Sacrifice | United Nations Peacekeeping

Canada was among the first countries to contribute to UN Peacekeeping when it participated in the first peacekeeping operation, the UN Truce Supervision Organization in the Middle East (UNTSO) in 1954. Since then, Can...


Thank you Fiji: UN Peacekeeping Service and Sacrifice | United Nations Peacekeeping

Fijian peacekeepers demonstrate a high-level of professionalism and dedication wherever they serve. The South Pacific island currently provides close to 350 uniformed personnel to seven UN peace operations across the ...


Thank You Austria : UN Peacekeeping Service & Sacrifice

Austria has deployed police and troops to UN Peacekeeping for more than sixty years. Its contingent of 177 women and men deployed to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) supports the Lebanese Civil Def...


Cyprus: Weaving Across the Divide

Our series on women leaders moves to the divided island of Cyprus, where women from the Greek and Turkish Cypriot Communities are coming together to overcome the decades-long split. Hande and Flora are two of the many...


Thank you Mauritania : Service & Sacrifice

As a volunteer with his country's armed forces, Mauritanian-born Mohamed Ali Riha seized the opportunity to become a United Nations peacekeeper. His desire to help the most vulnerable people was realized when he join...


Thank you Serbia: UN Peacekeeping Service & Sacrifice

Saving lives is what they do best. Members of the Serbian contingent of medical staff deployed in the conflict-torn Central African Republic recount their struggles to provide medical services to communities affected...


Trust Fund in Support of Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

As part of their joint commitment with the United Nations to support victims and help rebuild their lives, 24 Member States donate to the Trust Fund in support of victims of sexual exploitation and abuse.

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