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‘Pakistan is paying the price of something that was created by others’ – UN Chief message

I have seen many humanitarian disasters in the world, but I have never seen climate carnage on this scale. I have simply no words to describe what I have seen today. Climate change caused by human activity is super...


‘Aquaman’ Jason Momoa Makes Waves With Youth At UN Ocean Forum

‘Aquaman’ star Jason Momoa issued a strong call to action with youth from around the world at a Forum held on the beach as part of the United Nations Ocean Conference in Portugal. The actor and activist, joined by Uni...


“What Were You Wearing” – Survivors of Sexual Assault Speak up

The “What Were You Wearing?” art exhibit at the United Nations invites observers to see the outfits worn by sexual assault survivors at the time of their attack, confronting and refuting the implicit victim-blaming in...


A disability activist shows leadership on inclusion at EXPO 2020 and beyond

Fatma Al Jassim credits the forward-looking approach of the United Arab Emirates and in particular its leadership for inclusive conditions for persons with disabilities in the country, where they are known as persons ...


Can the United Nations Stop a War?

Can the United Nations stop a war? Can the Security Council stop a war? UN Spokesperson Eri Kaneko answers these questions, and explains the key functions of the United Nations Security Council. The functions an...


Can you imagine a world without human rights? | United Nations

Without human rights, there can be no sustained peace, no stability, no protection from harm. No equality, no democracy, no space to speak up. No online safety, no end to the digital divide, no hope of an internet tha...


Generations Across the Sea: Empowering Older Persons to Sail

When Maria Ramires was growing up in Portugal, she admired her grandmother – one of the first women in the country to graduate college who eventually became a professor dedicated to helping others. Inspired by this e...


Hate Speech & the Consequences Explained | What You Can Do to Prevent the Next Atrocity

Learn More about the International Day for Countering Hate Speech, 18 June - Hate speech incites violence and has devastating effects on communities. Its sca...


How an Afghan refugee found a buddy in Belgium | United Nations

With help from the "CURANT" project connecting refugees with locals for house-sharing, Wasil, a young Afghan refugee, has a buddy: Bente, a young man in Antwerp, Belgium. Not only has Wasil found a new home, but Bente...


How Effective Are vaccines? History of Immunization | Global Focus | UN Story

Vaccines save at least 4 to 5 million lives every year. This remarkable success story is the result of massive immunization campaigns that have swept round the world in recent decades. Smallpox, which killed hundreds ...

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