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A disability activist shows leadership on inclusion at EXPO 2020 and beyond

Fatma Al Jassim credits the forward-looking approach of the United Arab Emirates and in particular its leadership for inclusive conditions for persons with disabilities in the country, where they are known as persons ...


COP26 Closes: A way forward in fighting the climate crisis?

For two weeks, thousands attended the historic United Nations COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. Talks became tense as world leaders deliberated on the decisions that would shape the future survival of our planet in the...


Don’t Give Up the Fight – UN Chief urges Climate Activist Nicki Becker at COP26

Pledging to fight climate change, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks with an Argentinian Fridays for Future climate activist COP26 in Glasgow. The UN Chief and Nicki Becker, who is also a UNICEF Youth Advoca...


Puppet Amal and Activist Brianna urge Climate Justice for Women and Girls

At the United Nations Climate Conference (COP26), a resounding call for gender equality took a creative form when Samoan activist Brianna Fruean brought a larger-than-life-size puppet named Amal to the stage. Amal bro...


Small Islands, Big Impact on Climate Action

For more than thirty years, Small Island Developing States (SIDS) have warned the world of the impacts of the climate crisis. Despite producing less than 1.5% of global carbon emissions, they are on the frontlines of ...


Industry and a livable planet: Paris Climate Agreement | United Nations

Here’s our dilemma: we need industry to make the things we need, like cars, buses, tractors and computers. But we also need a clean, livable planet. Leading Indian environmentalist Sunita Narain says we can have both,...


Ralph Bunche: Hero for Justice

“This was one of my early experiences with the more subtle aspects of racial attitude,” says African-American hero and United Nations legend Dr. Ralph Bunche, recalling a time his grandmother spoke out against racism ...


Brooklyn Restaurant Lights the Way for Refugees

In the New York borough of Brooklyn in the United States sits a little restaurant called Emma’s Torch. This is no ordinary restaurant. It is a beloved neighbourhood eatery but also functions as a training centre for r...