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UNIFIL: Raising Mine Awareness In Lebanon

United Nations - One of the most important tasks of UNIFIL (the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) is demining on the line of withdrawal between Lebanon and Israel, known as the “Blue Line.” As part of its mine ...


Syrian Conflict Takes a Toll

United Nations - Thousands of women and children are now at Greece’s northern border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, some waiting for weeks, hoping to be allowed northwards. Life in the makeshift Idome...


The Republic of Congo: Planting the seeds of the future

United Nations - A vicious ten-year war and a devastated people. Rebuilding the Republic of Congo, from a vegetable farm to the whole country, courageous women are taking the lead. 21st Century: Episode #102 Script...


Sierra Leone – Overcoming the legacy of war

Sierra Leone's particularly brutal civil war left its people with a terrible legacy. Tens of thousands are now disabled, as a result of savage amputations of limbs by rebels. For years, these people with disabilitie...


Syrian Refugees: A Growing Crisis

United Nations, New York - About five thousand Syrians are fleeing to neighbouring countries each day, according to the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR. But the journey is often dangerous as the Syrian army fire at those tr...


Iraq: The Grassroots Recovery

United Nations - After years of war and instability, Iraq's economy is still struggling to recover. Unemployment is rising, and millions of people live below the poverty line. Encouraging investment and developing sm...


Bosnia: Healing the Wounds of War

United Nations, New York, August 2011 - The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina may have ended fifteen years ago, but for so many of the nation's women, the legacy of wartime rape lives on. Now, after years on the run, Bosnia's...


Congo: Helping Survivors of Wartime Rape to Rebuild Their Lives

In the South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 12 years of war has ravaged the region. At least 200 thousand women have been sexually assaulted. A United Nations team is providing support for vict...


Bosnia: Healing the Wounds of War

Bosnia -- Healing the wounds of war. The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina may have ended fifteen years ago, but for so many of the nation's women, the legacy of wartime rape lives on. Join us on one woman's emotional j...


Seeking justice: Sexual violence in the DRC

United Nations, New York, January 2010 - The world has been made increasingly aware of the level of sexual violence against women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where rape is used as a tactic of war...


Sweden: Emergency response teams train for war zones

United Nations, New York, January 2010 - Exploding landmines and other dangerous remnants of war kill and maim thousands every year. But clearing these deadly threats requires a variety of complex skills. We went to ...


United Nations TV – Unearthing the Past

The search for justice following Guatemala's civil war has forensic anthropologists trying to identify individuals who disappeared many years ago.