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Solomon Islands: Uprooting violence against women

United Nations - At least one in every three women and girls will experience physical or sexual violence during their lifetime. Even in such remote places as the Solomon Islands – an apparent island paradise in the so...


Cambodia: Protecting Their Properties

United Nations - In Cambodia, as in many places around the world, development threatens homes. Over 120,000 people in Phnom Penh have been evicted from their homes since 1990. But with support from UN Women, female ...


‘I AM 70’ : Usha Rai

United Nations - Growing up as a woman in India and various parts of the world has its challenges. Influential figure, Usha Rai now in her 70th year, discusses how her family supported her dream to become a doctor ev...


Nepal: Women Owning their Stories of Violence

From 1996-2006, the Government of Nepal engaged in armed conflict with a Maoist insurgency. Both parties to the conflict routinely tortured, raped, detained and killed women and girls. Breaking the culture of silence ...


Fight Against FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)

Gambian activist Jaha Dukureh is a survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced child marriage. As UN Women’s Regional Goodwill Ambassador for Africa, she is committed to ending FGM by mobilizing youth and r...