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Model and Disability Rights Activist Visits the UN

YouTube influencer and model Jillian Mercado, a female disability rights advocate, visits the United Nations to talk about issues facing persons with disabilities, and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disa...


Bangladeshi Peacekeepers Deliver Medical Aid in Mali

Bangladeshi peacekeepers deployed to the United Nations Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) travel to remote parts of the country, where access to basic services is scarce. The peacekeepers are providing critical medical assis...


Kosovo: Still Searching for Missing People

As a result of the conflict in Kosovo in the late 1990s, over 1600 people still remain unaccounted for. The United Nations Mission in Kosovo, UNMIK, continues to support the Working Group on Missing Persons and to ass...


Colombia: Cultivating Peace on a Farm

On a farm called “New Colombia,” more than 40 ex-members of the FARC-EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) are cultivating crops while nurturing stability in the region. The farm is part of a reintegration progr...


Nepal: Adapting to Climate Change

Nepal has been hard hit by climate change. Rural farmers are the worst affected. Many of them, like Laxmi Sunar, cope by reducing their food intake and migrating. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is supp...


Argentina: Digital Library for All

Through funding provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and in collaboration with Argentinian publishers, Tiflolibros, a digital library for the blind, has produced 800 educational books in Sp...


Uganda: South Sudanese Refugees

Since 2013, more than one million South Sudanese refugees have fled the civil war in their country. They’ve flooded across the border into Uganda and other neighbouring countries, resulting in a dire humanitarian sit...