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Service and Sacrifice: Women contributing to peace around the world


More and more women are bringing their skills to United Nations peacekeeping missions, often in some of the most dangerous parts of the world. They provide initiative, innovation and inspiration to the local community...

Service and Sacrifice: The Netherlands contributing to peace in Mali


The Netherlands has deployed 240 peacekeepers to some of the most dangerous mission areas in the world working to build trust with local communities and create lasting peace.

Mission For Peace


United Nations - Through the eyes of a UN peacekeeper in Mali. UN Stories: Mission For Peace

Detained in Italy : Misery for Migrants and Refugees


United Nations - In Europe it’s the biggest movement of people since World War II. Fleeing war, hardship and persecution. Many end up in Italian detention centres. 21st Century, Episode #108 Script: http://www.u...

Kenya : Securing the Future


United Nations - When water and food are scarce and violence a constant threat, the future looks bleak. But in the arid lands of northern Kenya, a new approach to building secure lives is starting to bear fruit. Prog...

Global Trafficking: Waging War on Criminal Cargo


Is it global commerce or is it crime in a box? Inside hundreds of millions of containers on giant ships that circumnavigate the globe, it could be both. Hidden among the these shipments could be illegal drugs or count...

Finding A Future On The West Bank


In the midst of a decades-long conflict, it's hard to keep hold of hope. That's the case for millions Israeli and Palestinian families caught up in the struggle over land and security in the Middle East. But we travel...

Bangladesh: Climate Change Threatens Livelihood


Climate change continues to threaten food security in Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world, where rising sea levels and seasonal storms worry farmers. Those living along the country's southern coast f...

Liberia: Women on the Frontline


United Nations, July 2010 - Liberia - it was a country engulfed in war, its women bearing the brunt of the conflict. While peace finally did come, the legacy of violence against women continues to haunt the country. B...

UN champions security at major events in Europe


United Nations, New York, December 2009 - Major international sports are always high stakes events, but they can all too easily turn into a security nightmare. Now, countries are working together to guarantee security...