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Refugees flee Boko Haram

Tens of thousands of Nigerian men women and children have found refuge in Cameroon as they flee Boko Haram attacks in their country. In Goura, North-East Cameroon, the United Nations have provided basic shelter, huma...


United States: Reading, Writing and Refugees

At a public school in Rochester, New York, 98 percent of the students are refugees. Meet one of its resilient students, who demonstrate strong resolve to give back to their host country, as well as the officials runni...


Bangladesh: Supporting Rohingya Refugees and Host Communities

The situation for Rohingya refugees and host communities in Bangladesh has become increasingly dangerous with the onset of the cyclone season and monsoon rains, putting already vulnerable people at even greater risk. ...


UN Special Advisor on Preventing Genocide Urges Action for Rohingya

Calling the plight of the Rohingya "one of the most serious humanitarian crises we have ever faced," the United Nations Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng, makes an impassioned appeal for an ur...


Refugees in Japan

United Nations - Out of thousands of people who sought asylum in Japan, 28 people were granted refugee status in 2016. A further 97 people, though not recognized as refugees, were approved to stay in Japan on humanita...


Afghanistan – How we Choose

United Nations - Every day, thousands of people around the world have to make one of the hardest decisions of their lives – whether to stay put and risk death or destitution? or to flee their homes in search of safet...


Refugees And Migrants: Far From Home

United Nations - By the end of 2015, 65 million people – the highest number ever - were on the move globally, forced from their homes by conflict and poverty. Calling for all countries to work together, the United N...


Refugees and Migrants: Far from Home (trailer)

Produced by UNTV: 21st Century


21st Century Episode 108 – UN Human Rights Pioneer and Migrants Detained in Italy

United Nations - 21st Century - Episode 108 - featuring the groundbreaking work of former UN Human Rights chief, Theo Van Boven and, from Italy, the misery and despair of migrants and refugees held in detention cent...


Detained in Italy : Misery for Migrants and Refugees

United Nations - In Europe it’s the biggest movement of people since World War II. Fleeing war, hardship and persecution. Many end up in Italian detention centres. 21st Century, Episode #108 Script: http://www.un.or...


Human Rights – Supporting the Displaced

United Nations - Founded after World War II the UN’s remit is to make the world a better place by promoting peace and security, defending human rights and fostering development. Near the top of the Organization's ag...


Mali: A quest for safety

United Nations - Thousands of people were displaced in Timbuktu, northern Mali when a rebel group moved in and took control of the town. When they threatened to recruit children into their army, families packed up the...