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Nepal: Rebuilding After the Earthquake

United Nations - Nepal has a long way to go after the 2015 earthquake. Many children lost their parents – and their schools. Today, we look at how one village – and one family – is trying to rebuild. 21st Century: E...


Republic of the Congo: A garden for hope

United Nations - After a vicious ten-year war which has left a devastated people, courageous women are now taking the lead to rebuild - from a vegetable farm to the whole country. UN in Action, Episode #1490 Script...


Somalia: The Diaspora Returns

United Nations - Two years ago al Shabaab was forced to flee Mogadishu by members of the Somali National Army (SNA), backed by forces from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). Increased security gains and a...


Pakistan: Girls’ Education

The Pakistan floods of 2010 have destroyed countless schools throughout the country. But the rebuilding has presented an opportunity for change in traditional attitudes towards girls' education. UNIA Programme # 1...


Congo: Helping Survivors of Wartime Rape to Rebuild Their Lives

In the South Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 12 years of war has ravaged the region. At least 200 thousand women have been sexually assaulted. A United Nations team is providing support for vict...


Haiti: Hip-hop

A care centre in Port-au-Prince provides housing, hot food, and training to children separated from their parents. There, an enterprising group of 10 boys is using hip-hop to inspire their fellow Haitians to rebuild t...