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Ethiopia: family in crisis

UN in Action, May 2009 - Life for Ayatu Nure has not turned out as he expected. Once a wealthy landowner, he followed the age-old tradition of his people, and took more than one wife. In fact, he took many wives! This...


India’s Booming Population

United Nations, New York, July 2011 - Every two seconds, 10 babies are born - pushing the global population to 7 billion. At the forefront, India, which experts estimate will overtake China as the most populous nation...


Roma: Breaking the Poverty Cycle

The Roma, traditionally known as Gypsies around the world, have endured a life of exclusion and poverty. According to the UN Population Fund, UNFPA, ensuring access to sexual reproductive healthcare for Roma families...


Indonesia: Safer Food for a Growing Population

United Nations, New York, 20 March 2013 - Indonesia is one of 60 countries using irradiation to improve food safety. With the support of IAEA, this tropical country is using nuclear technology to extend the shelf life...


The Philippines: Bottleman

Turning on a light at the flick of a switch is something many people take for granted. But for one fifth of the world's population, it's simply not an option, relegating them to a life of "energy poverty". One man in ...


Plastic Ocean

United Nations - Plastic - both a wonderful invention and a scourge on our planet. Over 300 million tons will be produced this year. Most is never recycled and remains on our land and in our seas for ever. Our stor...