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New Life, New Ambition: Germany’s Refugees and Migrants


More than a million people have fled to Germany in the last two years, from countries like Syria and Afghanistan. Despite the loss and trauma, most are determined to build a better future. 21st Century Episode 128 P...

Afghanistan – How we Choose


United Nations - Every day, thousands of people around the world have to make one of the hardest decisions of their lives – whether to stay put and risk death or destitution? or to flee their homes in search of safet...

Refugees and Migrants: Far from Home (trailer)


Produced by UNTV: 21st Century

Afghan Migrant Akhtar’s Story


United Nations, New York - Migrating to another country in pursuit of safety and a better life has long been a way of coping with crisis; but for some, the quest can be tortuous and seemingly without end. For more th...

The Philippines: From Rome to Home


United Nations, New York - Every year, one and a half million people leave The Philippines to find jobs overseas. They remit more than US$20 billion a year, but little of that money is saved or invested. Now a financi...

Mexico: African Migrants


United Nations, New York, May 2012 - Mexico has long been a haven for poor migrants from Latin America. But this is a story about an unexpected group of people who have travelled much farther in search of a place to ...

Dominican Republic: Haitian Migrants Struggle for Citizenship


United Nations, New York, May 2012 - Haitian migrants toil under the hot sun on sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic. But the majority of them are stateless; even those who are born here, have neither a Haitian...

Mexico: far from home


Each year hundreds of thousands of Latin American migrants enter Mexico seeking freedom, political asylum, and opportunities for education and work. Increasingly, African and Asian migrants have been joining them; tra...

ILO: Protecting Filipino nurses migrating abroad


United Nations, New York, June 2009 - The Philippines has exported tens of thousands of nurses over the past few years, a trend that is likely to continue due to high demand in developed countries. This has created a ...