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Mexico: Safe City for Women

United Nations - 77% of women in the city use public transport daily. 8 out of 10 women do not report after having been assaulted in public spaces. UN Women’s flagship programme, Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces for...


Mexico: African Migrants

United Nations, New York, May 2012 - Mexico has long been a haven for poor migrants from Latin America. But this is a story about an unexpected group of people who have travelled much farther in search of a place to ...


The Maras: A Gang’s Reign of Terror

United Nations, New York, February 2012 - They're called the Maras.... A gang identified by their menacing tattoos. Having unleashed a wave of violence across large parts of Central America, their reign of terror is ...


Mexico: Streets not Carved with Gold

United Nations, New York, December 2011 - The global population has hit a staggering seven billion and in many of the world's largest cities, overcrowding is forcing some, especially the young, to live life on the str...


Mexico: far from home

Each year hundreds of thousands of Latin American migrants enter Mexico seeking freedom, political asylum, and opportunities for education and work. Increasingly, African and Asian migrants have been joining them; tra...


Mexico: UNFPA helps pregnant teenagers

United Nations, November 2008 - Mexico, with a growing population of over 100 million, has a large number of young people who are sexually active. The UN Population Fund is helping the Mexican Government get contracep...