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Nepal – Women take charge of family planning

In rural Nepal, women have little say in family planning, and often give birth to upwards of 8 children. With the help of the United Nations agency for reproductive health and rights (UNFPA), one woman is taking charg...


Rwanda: Fighting Poverty With Equality

United Nations - Traditionally, Rwandan women like Epiphanie Mukamurenzi would be confined to domestic chores, with her husband in charge of anything concerned with household income. Now the Rwandan Government- with ...


Zanzibar Island: Leadership Roles for Women

United Nations - Zanzibar Island off the coast of Tanzania is changing. Not that long ago, you would never have seen a woman earning her own income or making decisions in the home. Now, through nearly twelve hundred F...


Morroco: The Two-Sheep Solution

United Nations - In a region where women still struggle to close the gender gap, Morocco stands out. In the past ten years it has enacted laws to eliminate discrimination against women and guarantee gender equality. ...


Solomon Islands: Uprooting violence against women

United Nations - At least one in every three women and girls will experience physical or sexual violence during their lifetime. Even in such remote places as the Solomon Islands – an apparent island paradise in the so...


Bangladesh: Seeking justice

United Nations, February 2011 - In Bangladesh, many young women are striving to break down traditional barriers. But for some, this comes at a high price. We take you to this South East Asian nation where one woman's...


Timor-Leste: Women make a difference in politics

United Nations, New York, June 2009 - Timor-Leste, a small island nation in Asia, has struggled with political and economic instability since its 2002 independence. The 2007 elections helped consolidate its democr...