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Women in Science: Preserving the Forest’s Treasures

In the heart of the spectacular forests of Papua New Guinea, zoologist Grace Luke is on a team collecting data to reduce deforestation and forest degradation and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that negatively im...


Guatemala: Turning up the heat

“Trees give us shade and help us conserve our environment” says Irma Cocul, a young Q’eqchi woman from Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Her indigenous community is working to reforest over 400 hectares of land damaged by clim...


Brazil: Coal to Crops

United Nations, July 2012 - The North-East of Brazil is the most densely populated semi-arid region in the world. Little rainfall and cyclic droughts have forced people to resort to illegal charcoal production, stripp...


Gabon: People in the Forest (Long version)

United Nations, New York, 27 December 2011 - For most of us, owning a passport or identity card is something we take for granted. But many people around the world have never been recognized as citizens of their own ...


Gabon: People of the Forest

United Nations, New York, November 2011 - Many people around the world have never been recognised as citizens of their own country. In the Western African country of Gabon, pygmies have endured a history of oppression...