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Bangladesh: Small Fish, Big Gains

United Nations - In a country where over 20 million people are estimated to be deficient in essential vitamins and minerals, eating small nutrient-rich fish can make a vital difference. An IFAD-supported project is b...


The Cook Islands – “Ocean Wealth”

United Nations - A vast ocean, a cluster of tiny islands and deep down on the sea-bed a modern-day treasure. The Cook Islands in the South Pacific are facing a huge decision - we take you to one of the marine wonders...


Solomon Islands: Saving the Pacific’s Tuna

United Nations - In the Western and Central Pacific they are a part of the culture – and a multi-billion dollar business. They are eaten everywhere around the world – and they are becoming easier and easier to catch. ...


Somalia: Reviving the Fishing Industry

Decades of civil war and the ensuing collapse of the central government have made it difficult for most fishermen in Somalia to cash in on their country's rich marine stocks. Now, with the deployment of the African U...


Tunisia: Saving a sea, Saving a Culture

The oceans play an essential role in sustaining life, but marine resources are increasingly being depleted.In a small fishing village in Tunisia, over-fishing has destroyed people's livelihoods. Using an innovative ap...


Bangladesh: Fishing village devastated by climate change

United Nations, December 2008 - When cyclone Sidr hit southern Bangladesh in 2007, the fishing industry and some 2,500 people felt its wrath. Experts blame it on climate change as weather patterns here and around the ...