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Rwanda: Fighting Poverty With Equality

United Nations - Traditionally, Rwandan women like Epiphanie Mukamurenzi would be confined to domestic chores, with her husband in charge of anything concerned with household income. Now the Rwandan Government- with ...


Nicaragua: Acting against violence

United Nations - The sad truth about violence against women is that it’s not just the emotional and physical suffering that destroys lives. The ability of millions of women around the world to participate as equals i...


Nelson Mandela: Carrying on His Legacy

As the world said farewell to Nelson Mandela, attention turned to how his legacy will live on in the pursuit of achieving justice and equality for all. Exemplifying the qualities of a true global citizen, Mandela had ...


Mozambique: Losing Out

Child marriage not only violates the human rights of girls, but also gravely threatens their lives, education, and future prospects. When girls are married, they are expected to begin childbearing while still children...


Mozambiqe. Losing Out

Child marriage deprives girls of an education and may even put their lives at risk. But efforts are underway to change this practice. We travel to Mozambique to see how a country with one of the highest rates of ch...


Women In The New Tunisia

The Association of Tunisian Democratic Women or ATFD, with funding from the United Nations Democracy Fund, has set up a monitoring centre to identify the kind of discrimination women in Tunisia suffered during uprisin...


Nepal: Too young to marry

Half of all girls in Nepal are married before the age of 18, an illegal but prevalent practice which denies them access to education and puts them at risk of complications in childbirth from having children too young....


Malawi: Standing Up for Women’s Land Rights

In many traditional cultures, women aren't allowed to own or inherit property. Losing a husband through death or divorce can be a guarantee of poverty. But one woman in Malawi has defied that fate. UNIA Programm...