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How Korean Artists with Disability Create a New Perspective | UN Story | 대한민국

In Seoul, South Korea, an art exhibition was held at the Seoul Art Center where 43 artists with developmental disabilities participated in the exhibition of over 100 different paintings. Among them were artists Hansol...


Nepal: Amir, a Young Artist Born with a Disability (Amir Tamang)

Amir Tamang is a young artist who does not have the use of his arms and legs. He paints and writes poetry using his mouth. After the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, his house was unsafe and he had to live in a tent. Ther...


Disability in South Africa; Argentina: Nuclear Medicine

United Nations - "21st Century", is a half-hour, monthly news magazine series produced by United Nations Television. We focus on under-reported stories from around the world, told through the personal experiences of...


My Dreams Are Huge: Disability In South Africa

United Nations - For South Africans with disabilities, achieving success and fulfilment can be a daunting prospect. But does that mean you can’t dream big? 21st Century: Episode #122 Script: http://www.un.org/webca...