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Safe Motherhood in Bangladesh

United Nations, New York, February 2012 - Every year, thousands of women in Bangladesh die from avoidable causes related to childbirth. The majority of women still give birth at home, where lack of access to a skilled...


South Sudan: Midwives Fighting to Save Lives

South Sudan suffers from one of the highest levels of maternal mortality in the world. Mothers usually deliver at home with no access to skilled birth attendants. The UN Population Fund is helping to train community m...


Nigeria: The Edge of Joy

The West African nation of Nigeria has the second highest number of maternal deaths in the world. More than thirty-six thousand women die here each year trying to have babies. But the country is beginning to fight bac...


Nigeria: Blood Banks Save Lives

According to the United Nations Population Fund report one of the leading causes of maternal mortality is hemorrhaging. Lack of blood reservoirs, due to the HIV epidemic, has hindered health care professionals in Nige...


Ecuador provides birth choices to save lives

Ten years ago, Ecuador, in South America, passed a law giving women free maternal health care. However, cultural barriers and traditional practices among indigenous peoples have kept many women from accepting it. A ne...


Gaza: Birth Amid Death

United Nations, January 2010 The birth of a child is a moment of excitement as well as anxiety. But in conflict- ridden Gaza, it is even more stressful. We meet a courageous midwife who is improving the odds for ma...


Pakistan: Refugees’ Maternal Health

United Nations, New York, July 2009 - Millions of people have recently fled hostilities in Northwest Pakistan. Large numbers of the displaced found refuge in camps set up by the government with international support. ...