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UN chief urges continued momentum for #ClimateAction to protect the people and planet

United Nations- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged the world's political leaders to carry on the momentum for #ClimateAction which, he said, serves to safeguard “the vulnerable and advancing shared prosperity....


UN chief optimistic, says #ClimateAction is ‘a wholehearted commitment by whole world’

United Nations- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed optimism about combating climate change, highlighting the world's collective efforts to "mobilize for a better future." Mr. Ban was speaking to the press ...


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s message on entry-into-force of Paris Agreement on Climate Change

United Nations - Video message by H.E Mr. Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General, on the entry-into-force of Paris Agreement on Climate Change.


Benjamin Rosloff: Living with Autism

United Nations - A young filmmaker, Benjamin Rosloff, visited the United Nations Headquarters in New York City where he explored the building and interviewed the UN’s Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. Since birth, Benja...


United Nations: Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

United Nations - Ban Ki-moon, was elected as Secretary-General of the United Nations in October 2006. In this video he speaks about growing up in Korea when the UN helped his family escape the horrors of war, his role...


Promoting Tolerance Through Music

United Nations - World renowned conductor and UN Messenger of Peace Daniel Barenboim performed with his West-Eastern Divan Orchestra at the Human Rights Chamber at the Palais des Nations in Geneva in October. Composed...


YEAR IN REVIEW – 2015 (Short Version)

United Nations - The "UN Year in Review 2015" remembers once more the daunting challenges the United Nations faced in its 70th anniversary year - and yet it gives a glimpse of what can be achieved, when we all work to...


How Does The UN Work?

» Subscribe to NowThis World: http://go.nowth.is/World_Subscribe Special Thanks to Evan Puschak for hosting TestTube! Last month, the Pakistani Taliban attacked a school in Peshawar and killed 132 children. This is o...


The UN Secretaries-General: Through the lens of two photographers

United Nations - Since 1945, the United Nations has been led by eight Secretaries-General. John Isaac and Mark Garten, two UN photographers, share some thoughts about their work covering various Secretaries-General an...


Brazil: The Story of Slavery

United Nations - More than four million slaves were shipped to Brazil from the coast of Africa during the 16th century and onward. But the practice of slavery was abolished in 1888 when abolitionists brought the issu...


Weapons of Mass Destruction: Threats and Responses

United Nations - Weapons of mass destruction – nuclear, biological and chemical – have plagued the human race since their invention – and they still pose a threat today. Terror attacks – and accidents – have spread pa...