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Togo: Lighting up the land


In today's fast-paced modern world, the idea of turning off the power, even for a moment, may seem a welcome relief for some. We travel to Togo in West Africa where living without electricity is a harsh reality for mo...

Africa’s Lake Victoria: Turning the Tide


United Nations, New York, August 2011 - The struggle to access clean water and basic sanitation is intensifying as the global population ratchets up by the billion. Overcrowded makeshift settlements are springing up a...

Ghana: Digital Graveyard


Keeping pace with the latest technology can be a headache sometimes. But in some parts of the world, it can actually cause serious problems. As old computers and mobile phones are thrown away, they often end up in lan...

Ivoirian Refugees in Guinea


As the international community focuses on ways to put an end to the raging violence in Cote d'Ivoire, those fleeing the conflict are suffering in neighbouring countries. More than 4,000 Ivorian refugees who escaped to...

Africa: Digital Graveyard


Mobile phones and computers have transformed the lives of many -- yet billions of discarded electronic devices are ending up in landfills in the world's poorest countries, posing a potentially lethal toxic threat. But...

Malawi: Standing Up for Women’s Land Rights


In many traditional cultures, women aren't allowed to own or inherit property. Losing a husband through death or divorce can be a guarantee of poverty. But one woman in Malawi has defied that fate. UNIA Programm...

Cancer: Africa’s Emerging Epidemic


The African continent suffers a high rate of cancer-related deaths, due to the scarcity of services and treatment. But many nations are forging ahead - with the help of the IAEA - to increase awareness and resources t...

Burkina Faso: A Filmmaker’s Quest


Movies tell you so much about a culture - its values, its shared experiences, its aspirations. But most African countries are struggling to develop their own film industries. We take you now to Burkina Faso, where one...

Kiberia (Kenya): Cleaning up Africa’s largest slum


United Nations, New York, January 2010 - Now the inspiring story of one young man: nineteen-year-old David Were lives in Africa's largest slum where polluted water, disease and safety are daily concerns. He tells his...