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India: India’s Iceman

United Nations, New York, April 2011 - Climate change is threatening the future of millions of people. But high up in the Himalayas, a man known as The Ice Man, is trying to do what nature no longer can - and give his...


Gabon: Elephant Man

United Nations, New York, March 2012 - For elephants, last year was one of the worst ever recorded. They're being slaughtered for their ivory at record rates, African elephants are increasingly the targets of global ...


Trinidad and Tobago: Eco-System At Risk

United Nations, New York, March 2012 - For about a third of the world population, fish is a staple part of their diet. And millions of people depend on fishing for their livelihood. But the world's oceans are being st...


Somalia: Voice from the Frontline

United Nations, New York, December 2011 - For more than 2 decades, Somalia in the horn of Africa has been in turmoil - civil war has killed and injured millions of people and left the country with little infrastructu...


Japan: An Idea Takes Root

United Nations, New York, December 2011 - In many parts of the world, flower growers struggle to make a living, but one farmer's collective in Northern Japan has discovered creative new ways to prosper ...and their in...


Yerevan: The Paper Garden

Many people round the world live in concrete jungles, but not too many young schoolboys try to change those jungles into a garden. Here's one boy's story from Armenia. 21st century - Show 48-Yerevan Script (pdf...