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Demining and Bomb Disposal in Somalia


United Nations - Years of armed conflict in Somalia has resulted in its land being contaminated by death traps on the ground, such as unexploded ordnance and other life threatening devices. The United Nations Mine Act...

A Day in the Life of Afghan Deminers


21st Century Episode 128 Anti-personnel mines are designed to kill and maim and that’s exactly what they continue to do in Afghanistan. We spend a day with a deminer – risking his own life to keep others safe. Pro...

Nelson Mandela: A Call to Action for Democracy, Peace and Prosperity for All


In October, 1994, President Nelson Mandela became the first leader of South Africa ever to address the United Nations General Assembly. He issued a ringing call for democracy, peace and prosperity to prevail everywhere.

Central African Republic: Re-Opening The Bridge of Death


United Nations - In the midst of violent conflict in Central African Republic, youths from opposing sides come together for the future of the country’s children. 21st Century: Episode #125 Script: http://www.un....

Haiti: Singing For Peace


United Nations - From Haiti, singing for peace – one remarkable man, travels the country sharing his message … and his music. 21st Century: Episode #125 Script:

Facing Daily Danger in Mali: A Peacekeeper’s tale


United Nations - Across the world’s trouble-spots, Mali is one of the most dangerous places to be a United Nations peacekeeper. We join a young soldier on his daily patrols – the question he faces is always – will he ...

Running For Peace in Congo


United Nations - A refugee, who fled the Democratic Republic of Congo for the United States, discovered he had a talent for running. Now he’s running for peace in both countries. 21st Century: Episode #124 Scrip...

Restoring Peace In Central African Republic


United Nations - For decades, the Central African Republic has been plagued by instability and conflict. But in the small Western town of Bouar, ex-combatants are handing over their weapons in favour of working on com...

Women And The Colombia Peace Accord


United Nations - Women played a central role in Colombia’s recent peace accord. In a historic first for the country, women’s rights were placed at the heart of the agreement 21st Century: Episode #123 Script: ht...

Cartoonists For Peace


United Nations - Cartoonists around the world risk retribution for using their drawings to challenge the status quo in their countries. Recently, the United Nations in Geneva hosted a series of events to showcase the ...

Crozet Islands: Nuclear Test Monitoring Station


United Nations - The French administered Crozet Islands - a sub-Antarctic archipelago in the southern Indian ocean is one of the last remaining untouched places on earth. A CTBTO (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organis...

Honouring Peacekeepers


United Nations - As peacekeeping has evolved to encompass a broader humanitarian approach, women have become increasingly part of the peacekeeping family. From the first deployment of all-female peacekeepers in Liberi...

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