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Campaigning against Anti-Semitism: Online to Offline.


Attacks on religious communities are on the rise, according to the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide. One Jewish family in the USA struggles with the aftermath of a massacre at a synagogue and works to ...

The Voyager Golden Record: A reminder that we are all connected


The Voyager Golden Record shot into space in 1977 with a message from humanity to the cosmos – and decades later, it stands as a reminder that we are all connected. The United Nations displays a replica of the Golden...

Music that Heals: Tatiana’s Story


One of the oldest and most atrocious weapons of war is rape, but now the courage of survivors is creating a new transformation marked by healing, justice and peace. Ten years ago, Tatiana Mukanire survived a horrifica...

International Women’s Day – UN Chief (8 March 2020)


Video message by H.E. Mr. António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General on International Women's Day. Gender equality is fundamentally a question of power. Transforming the balance of power is essential, not o...

Fighting Stereotypes through the Lens of Youth


Since launched in 2009, PLURAL+ has encouraged global youth to explore issues of migration, diversity, and social inclusion through the production of original and creative short films on these themes.

Helping survivors of sexual violence in conflict


The United Nations launched a Global Fund for survivors of sexual violence in conflict this Wednesday, 30 October 2019. The new initiative marks the tenth anniversary of its a Security Council mandate to eliminate ...

Stopping Hate Speech


Words kill as surely as bullets, says Adama Dieng, the United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide. Bringing a historical perspective to current trends, he examines the roots of the problem and offers...

Children suffering grievous violations of their rights” – Human Rights chief


Thousands of suspected foreign ISIL fighters and their families who are being held in detention in Syria and Iraq must treated fairly by their captors and taken back by their own countries, the UN High Commissioner fo...

Refugees flee Boko Haram


Tens of thousands of Nigerian men women and children have found refuge in Cameroon as they flee Boko Haram attacks in their country. In Goura, North-East Cameroon, the United Nations have provided basic shelter, huma...

YouTubers stand up for Human Rights | #CreatorsforChange 2018


YouTube Creators for Change promote harmony and inspire togetherness with this celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration consists of 30 articles affirming the rights of all individuals,...

The Women Who Shaped the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


70 years ago, Eleanor Roosevelt was instrumental in drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But she was not alone. Discover who are the women who shaped the major instrument for the defense of Human Rights.