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Nelson Mandela: A Call to Action for Democracy, Peace and Prosperity for All


In October, 1994, President Nelson Mandela became the first leader of South Africa ever to address the United Nations General Assembly. He issued a ringing call for democracy, peace and prosperity to prevail everywhere.

A Day with Afghan Deminers


United Nations - In Afghanistan, approximately 185 million square meters of land have been contaminated by mines and explosive remnants of war. Each year, they maim and claim the lives of thousands of people in the co...

Georgia: Pedestrian Power


United Nations - In most of the world, road traffic has increased massively in recent years - but the protection of pedestrians doesn’t always keep pace. In Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, a new campaign is focusing ...

Central African Republic: Re-Opening The Bridge of Death


United Nations - In the midst of violent conflict in Central African Republic, youths from opposing sides come together for the future of the country’s children. 21st Century: Episode #125 Script:

Sure We Can – Recycling In New York City


United Nations - Recycling plastics and tin cans is now commonplace around the world – but one group in New York has taken it to a new level. Doing what they can to save the planet. 21st Century: Episode #124 Scrip...

Running For Peace in Congo


United Nations - A refugee, who fled the Democratic Republic of Congo for the United States, discovered he had a talent for running. Now he’s running for peace in both countries. 21st Century: Episode #124 Script: h...

Cuba – The Musical Legacy of A Million Slaves


United Nations - Over the centuries more than one million African slaves were transported to Cuba. Today, their legacy can be heard in Cuba’s music, blending African and Latin rhythms. 21st Century: Episode #124 Sc...

Georgia: Pedestrian Power In Georgia


United Nations - In most of the world, road traffic has increased massively in recent years - but protections for pedestrians don’t always keep pace. In the Republic of Georgia, a new campaign is focusing on pedestria...

Nelson Mandela: Carrying on His Legacy


As the world said farewell to Nelson Mandela, attention turned to how his legacy will live on in the pursuit of achieving justice and equality for all. Exemplifying the qualities of a true global citizen, Mandela had ...