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21st Century Episode 108 – UN Human Rights Pioneer and Migrants Detained in Italy


United Nations - 21st Century - Episode 108 - featuring the groundbreaking work of former UN Human Rights chief, Theo Van Boven and, from Italy, the misery and despair of migrants and refugees held in detention cent...

Detained in Italy : Misery for Migrants and Refugees


United Nations - In Europe it’s the biggest movement of people since World War II. Fleeing war, hardship and persecution. Many end up in Italian detention centres. 21st Century, Episode #108 Script: http://www.u...

Dominican Republic: Fighting for Change


United Nations - In the Dominican Republic, people who live on the sugar-cane plantations have traditionally faced hardship and exclusion. But a new holistic approach to supporting them is opening up fresh possibiliti...

South Carolina: Rights to Ancestral Land


United Nations - The legacy of slavery in the United States lives on today in South Carolina and Georgia. The Gullah Geechee peoples, descendants of African slaves, are facing a struggle to hold on to their land and c...

Development – The United Nations Spearheads New Set of Development Goals


United Nations - At the turn of the millennium world leaders set a number of targets to make the planet a better place by 2015. The results have been mixed – extraordinary progress alongside some significant failures...

Human Rights – Supporting the Displaced


United Nations - Founded after World War II the UN’s remit is to make the world a better place by promoting peace and security, defending human rights and fostering development. Near the top of the Organization's ag...

Peace Operations – The path out of violence in the Central African Republic


United Nations - Now to the Central African Republic – a nation consumed by violence, hatred and instability. In this largely forgotten crisis, restoring peace seems an almost impossible task. But that’s what UN Peace...

Egypt: Building Resilience


United Nations - Rocked by political and economic insecurity, rural Egypt is a hard place to build a good life. But a new approach to combating poverty is bearing fruit. 21st Century, Episode #105 Script: http:/...

Bosnia: Crossing Bridges – One Man’s Heroism


United Nations - The war in the Balkans turned one-time neighbours and friends, into enemies. We bring you the story of an ordinary man’s courage, crossing racial barriers and armed lines to save lives and help reconc...

Pakistan: HIV passes to wife and son


United Nations - Married to a migrant worker at the age of 15, a young Pakistani woman only discovered that she and her son were HIV positive after her husband died. Low awareness of HIV infection puts many families a...

Guns, Guards and Gorillas: Republic of the Congo


United Nations - In Central Africa, Gorillas are on the edge of extinction. This is the story of their precarious survival – and one man’s devotion to protecting them. 21st Century, Episode #104 Script (Pdf): ht...

Ark of Return: New Slavery Memorial


United Nations - The 15th to the 19th century saw a brutal trade in human beings. More than 15 million Africans were sold in the Americas as slaves. Now their ordeal is once again being remembered - and honored. 21...

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