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North Koreans’ Long Struggle for Freedom


United Nations - From North Korea, a brave young woman tells of her escape and determination to end the suffering - and efforts to bring those responsible to justice. 21st Century: Episode #111 Script: http://ww...

Bhutan: Forgotten Refugees


United Nations, New York, June 2009 - You can't work, study or live freely in the land of your forefathers - and you can't return to the land of your birth. That's the sad predicament facing more than 100,000 peopl...

Tajikistan: Building a Democracy


United Nations - Struggling to find jobs and hope for a secure future, many young people are leaving Tajikistan, the former Soviet Republic in Central Asia. But some are determined to find a new way forward, believing...

The Siddis: India’s Forgotten Africans


United Nations - Descended from African slaves – the Siddi people today live in western India. For centuries they’ve held on to their African culture – and a special relationship with the Asiatic lion. 21st Century...

Mozambique – Home is where you find it


United Nations - More than 16 million children have lost their parents to HIV and AIDS. A staggering 14 million of them live in sub-Saharan Africa. Alcides Soares from Mozambique was forced to become an adult before h...

Namibia’s Black Rhino: Their last Wild Retreat


United Nations - The semi-desert of northern Namibia is one of the black rhino’s last retreats. Fewer than five thousand survive in the wild, and they face the combined threats of drought and poaching. Do they have a ...

Senegal: Beyond Tradition


It's painful and it alters women forever. But female circumcision is a traditional practice in many parts of the world. Up to 140 million women and girls have been cut but opposition is growing. We take you to Senegal...

Zimbabwe. Pot of Gold


Zimbabwe's billion dollar gold-mining industry is crucial for the country's struggling economy but, traditionally, more than half the country's population has been excluded from taking part. But now Zimbabwean women a...

Sudan Darfur: Peace from the Past


At its source -- the ten-year conflict in Sudan's Darfur region can be described as a competition for natural resources like water and arable land... turning neighbors into deadly foes. But now, new programmes -- buil...

The Maras: A Gang’s Reign of Terror


United Nations, New York, February 2012 - They're called the Maras.... A gang identified by their menacing tattoos. Having unleashed a wave of violence across large parts of Central America, their reign of terror is n...

Sierra Leone — Democracy at the crossroads


United Nations, 21 January 2014 - For some, democracy is nothing more than a lofty ideal... difficult to achieve and even more challenging to maintain. But after a decade of civil war in Sierra Leone, there is NO othe...

Brazil: Descendants of slaves in a struggle for land


United Nations - In Brazil, descendants of slaves have lived for centuries on land occupied by their ancestors. But in recent years their right to the land has been challenged. 21st Century, Episode #109 Script:...

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