Nigerian Grammy-winning superstar Burna Boy gets a backstage tour of the United Nations from its highest-ranking woman and fellow Nigerian, Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed. From his visit to her office on the top floor of the United Nations to a meeting of delegates in the General Assembly and even the press stakeout, go behind-the-scenes as they discuss their shared commitment to reaching young people with a message about the importance of education in raising leaders of tomorrow.

“We have Burna Boy in the house today,” says the Deputy Secretary-General. “And it’s really important to us because we do want to bring are those from the outside in and to take out the messages of the UN.”

“Education is what determines what the children of the future, which are the leaders of tomorrow, are going to be like,” says Burna Boy. “And it’s our job today to shape that reasoning, you understand, and put them on the right path where history doesn’t keep repeating itself.”