The United Nations observes World Day of Audiovisual Heritage on October 27th. During the hot 2018 summer in New York Headquarters, a team of archivists worked around the clock to protect almost 40,000 records.

More from the UN Audiovisual Library:

Special thanks:
From Department of Public Information
Alison Smale, USG Global Communications; Jaya Dayal, Special Assistant to USG; Hua Jiang, Director News and Media Division; Lydia Lobenthal, Special Assistant; Betty Perry, Secretary; Isabelle Broyer, Chief Audiovisual Service Section; Hak-Fan Lau, Chief of Services, and Admin Team Wally Clarkson, Editha Colosso, Thupten Tsering.
Antonio da Silva, Chief Multimedia Resources Unit, Project Manager and MRU Team Andrea Ocampo, Greg Zeichner, Gabor Szilagyi, Brigitta Gabulya Uri, Linda Page, Nyi Nyi Teza, Adrienne Ilona Auth, Lou Ramirez, Shuo Li, Qingqing Hilary He, Sok-Min Seo, Ann-Sophie Person, John Mcilwaine, Zhiliang Yu, as well as SSAs Jordan Dotson, Cedomir Kovacev, Edina Papp and Zherina.
From Department of Management and ABM Contractors
Claudio Santangelo, Chief Engineering and PES Team Michael Martine, David Pina, Claudio Conti, Joseph Orefice, Robert Fisher, as well as Ajkuna Angie Husic, Project Manager ABM Janitorial Services, Inc. and ABM staff Leonor Donis, Clinio Duran, Giuseppe Benincasa, Federico Berios, Harold Diaz, Ehsan Gholamzadeh, Thelma Ponce, Servete Ramaj, and Haris Mucic.
From Department of Security Services
Matthew Sullivan, Noel Heffernan and Edmond Hansen.